Attractiveness, novelty, functionality, conceptuality, practicability, richness of the language of forms or its purity, new technologies or simple materials, number of square meters or their cost limits, freedom of action or its limitations ...? In our practice we have faced various preconditions and it seems diversity always challenges to discover the creative process a new. Often the restrictions are the turning points for unexpected solutions. The work process involves several phases, starting with the location and environmental analysis, recognition of conceptually clear function of the space and ending with an intuitive search for the form and character. Our purpose - to create environmentally and landscape friendly, emotionally effective, technically feasible architecture with mathematically precise function. We strive to define the space with both a minimalist and expressive techniques, while respecting the environment, our architectural solution melts with it or -contrasts it. We are interested in revitalizing the emotions in architecture using simple shapes or the opportunities given by arrangement of shapes. We emphasize the space and the form of perceptual relativity depending on the observer's location, we like the sculpturability of architecture to reveal and vary depending on the point of view. Using basic shapes - square, rectangular parallelepiped, and their transformation potential, we are interested in finding new, perhaps even unrecognized solutions in the familiar. We are interested in the process as a new quest in arrangement of lines, rhythm, materials, forms and proportions.
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